Sunday, May 11, 2008

Heavenly Haven

Dear Margaret,

I am saddened to hear of your recent unfortunate knitting woes. You've sufficiently scared me out of starting a sweater anytime soon. Fortunately for me, in that respect, I have miles and miles of lace shawl that needs to be finished by August in order to be ready for my sister-in-law's wedding. The bride's shawl is complete but the bridesmaids? Well, I feel like I've been knitting the Forest Canopy Shawl for years. I can do the pattern in my sleep (well actually, I don't even trust myself to work on it early in the morning or late at night because it is SO EASY to screw up lace). But you know what I mean.

I enjoy making them and I'm happy to do it... but laceweight is just so LACEY. Oy. It's like knitting with dental floss. Thankfully the Malabrigo is heaven once it's knitted up (duh. when is Malabrigo NOT heaven? I'm considering naming my first born Malabrigo in tribute) but still. I have a side project to keep me sane, which are those Thuja socks from knitty, but once those are done I think I'll get started on the Koolhaases.

Know what else is heavenly? Rowan. Why did no one tell me?! When Rose gave me Heartfelt for Birthmas last year I was stoked, since it's such a pain in the booty to order the thing and have it sent over from the UK, but WHOA I love it! The yarn is superb, the models in the book are fantastically over the top and the patterns are lovely. I can’t wait to make more Rowan patterns!

Don't I look all introspective and Rowan-esque? No? Do I just look really mad at the photographer? He wasn't supposed to take a picture of my FACE! But hey, so what if all my pics aren't super happy? I can be pensive sometimes, can't I?! Sheesh. I only did 26 repeats instead of the 27 called for, but it blocked out super LONG (please see above photographic evidence) I think I’ll be alright. I have almost an entire skein left over so I’ll probably make a matching hat or some such.

I hope you're enjoying your camping weekend (you do realize Rose is living it up on a cruise ship right now, headed for our northernmost state, and schmoozing with Brenda Dayne and Amy Singer, right)? Not to make you all depressed or anything. Tent camping with beer is almost the same. Except I doubt anyone is teaching sock classes... but if they ARE give me a call because I am so there.

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Beth said...

So pretty. I love it.