Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

Dear M,

So it's 95 degrees outside and I'm knitting stocking hats. Typical.

I finished my Shedir chemo cap and it turned out fabulously. It contains as many good vibes as I could fit in. Hopefully it fits the recipient, but it fit me pretty well and I have a large head (runs in the family, try not to be too jealous) so it should be okay. It was my first time using a Cascade other than 220 - Cascade Cash Vero. It's sooo soft and lovely, I will definitely be using it again. As per usual, I knit more loosely than gauge so I only did three repeats rather than the five or so the pattern calls for.

My MiL was in town this past week and she is dilligently working her way through a few West Virginia washcloths. We went to the Angels game on Saturday so we got in lots of knitting time!

How cute is that picture?! It warms my heart. We took her to Huntington Gardens as a late Mother's Day gift. I LOVE that place. If we had the money and lived closer I would definitely get the yearly membership and just wander around whenever I felt like. As it is I need to go back just to look at the artwork in the mansion. There's so much that I don't think we even made it through half the house. However we were very intellectual discussing the art. And stuff.

Oh, and I'm totally buying some of this Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah sock yarn to make Francie. Rose has some and it is sooooo wonderful. Of course, seeing as how she has tiny little girly feet and we have manly clodhoppers, there might not be enough yarn to make a pair. A skein is 350 yards, is that enough? It doesn't seem like all that much. Maybe we should buy three skeins together so we can split the cost of the second skein.

Anyhoodle, I really need to be more disciplined about my blogging. How do you feel? I figure if I include a little more life stuff as well as the knitting stuff I'll post more. Maybe. I don't want it to become a burden though, you know? Hm. It's gearing up to be a stinking HOT Summer so maybe I can use some of my valuable weekend time in the airconditioning blogging. Good idea, right?

PS: I forgot to do the six things thingy thing - I will do it next time though!

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