Monday, July 7, 2008

RIP 2003 Canon PowerShot

Dear Anna,

I know you will be saddened by the news. It is time to officially say good bye to my dear Canon PowerShot. You were a good camera and lasted longer than expected. We had good times together.

It's finally time for me to invest in a new camera - probably a point and shoot with a few upgrades from my last camera. This will be something to purchase before going to San Luis Obesbo this September (and Hawaii this winter). In the meantime, knitting photos will be lacking . . . which is a shame because I have some good stuff on the needles!

I've actually been suffering from projectitis: the need to cast on for a new project on at least a weekly basis. At the moment I have Ene, Lace Ribbon Scarf, Jitterbug Socks, Artichoke Socks, Khoolhaas, and My first Toe-up socks (might be frogged due to size/color pooling issues) . . .oh and I just remembered I also have Foliage on the needles too. Despite all this, I am contemplating using the Cascade 220 from my to-be-frogged Wicked to cast on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket . . . and I'm sort of in the mood for knitting a sweater too! Ack!!

In lieu of awesome and amazing photo updates of my projects, the recent Stitch N Pitch outting, or 4th of July fun (I'll leave that to Anna to post if she's up to it) here's a run down of other things I've been in to/doing a la Not Martha:


Tomato & Cucumber Salad Chilled

(Cucumbers, red onions, and tomatoes - simply sliced, salted, and drenched in apple cider vinger - crumbled feta cheese optional)


CVS brand Mint Julep Masque . . . at $3.99 it's a bargain!

Looking Forward To:

The finale of the Bachlorette -- tonight (no rolling of the eyes, yes I DO know how rediculous this show is) !! I'm rooting for Jason even if he does seem a little over zealous.


The Ped Egg - it was at CVS for $9.99!

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