Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Dear Anna,

This post is long over due. I wish I had a really exciting FO to show off but alas. Not only have I not had a FO in over a month but I still haven't gotten around to purchasing a new camera. What there has been lately is lots of change, especially at work. I've been putting in long hours . . . it's been good but definitely challenging. I have so much to learn and I'm trying scare myself that this is the slow part of the year! School starts in less than a month and work will really pick up.

I'm making slow but good progress on my Ene scarf - I'm finally on chart 3 - and I've got 49% of my artichoke socks complete. So there IS some knitting going on. . . lately it's just been on the weekends, if that.

Over the weekend I got my hair cut much shorter - I brought these photos to my stylist for inspiration:

That's Kimberly from Hollywood Season of "The Real World" and Katie Cruz-Holmes. The result was really cute - cuter than I expected. And even though it's short I really don't miss the long hair at all. I can't even remember what that looked like on me. Again, if I HAD a camera I'd post a photo but unfortunately that will have to wait. I also went to the eye dr last week and they determined that I'm in need of glasses - so I picked out frames and am waiting for them to come in this week.

I'm hoping that the hair cut and glasses will give me a slightly more sophisticated look. I realized that I need to take my "look" up a notch when I had my first meeting with a reporter and he thought that I was a student and not the person he was there to talk to about a newly installed statue on campus.

My new favorite thing:

The "Seacret Dead Sea Nail and Manicure Set"

The buffer is the best part of the whole kit and you can buy that separately for $4. But the cuticle oil was the main reason I bought it - my cuticles are mangled and I have a bad habit of cutting them or biting them. After one use my nails look like I came out of a professional manicure. I'm totally sold.

Anywho, back in a few weeks with some actually knitting content.

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