Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Dear Anna,

So, It's only been since August . . . averaging one blog post every five months . . . pretty much we rock at blogging!

Actually, the lack of posts is my fault as it has been my turn but haven't had any photos to share since my crappy digital camera passed away earlier this Spring. But Dear Ronald got me a new shiny camera for Christmas! Yay!

Looking back on 2008, I realize it has been a good year for knitting. I completed:

2 scarves (Chevron and Dimple Shale), 2 wraps (Clapotis and Ene), 3 pairs of socks (Jaywalkers, Artichoke, and Lichen Ribbed), and one hat (Koolhas).

My favorite project of the year was hands down Ene, which I completed in November:

By the way, the table cloth in the background is my favorite unnecessary splurge of the year (from Anthropologie). Ene was my first major lace project. I used Mmmmalabrigo lace weight held double throughout for a slightly thicker and springy-er fabric.

A view of Ene in action:My knitting new year's resolution for 2009 is to try my hand at color work and finish a sweater (hopefully the one in progress now).

Since about Thanksgiving time I've been working diligently away on Something Red by Wendy Bernard. Considering we moved the first week of December and I didn't pick up my needles for about 7 days, I think I've made quick progress.

As of this past weekend, I had begun the button band (the last step) but decided that I really would prefer a few more inches on the body of the sweater - so I ripped back the button band and commenced knitting a little longer.

I'm using Elsebeth Lavold's Angora (60% Angora, 20% Wool, 20% Polyamide - whatever that is!!) which is as soft as a bunny rabbit.

The halo of fuzz on this sweater is incredibly decadant - I have no idea what sort of use this will get in San Diego (probably not much) but so far I'm in love with this yarn and the fit.

In non knitting news, I'm planning on trying to garden a bit. The new place we moved into has a small, neglected bed perfect for a small kitchen garden with veggies and herbs.

Right now, there appears to be lavendar (the big bush on the right), aloe (in the back, left), and a lot of mint and various weeds running amuck. I don't know jack about gardening but this weekend I plan to get out there to dig up the weeds, buy some soil and fertilizer, and plant new shiny plants and seeds. Hopefully it works - I'm pretty terrible about killing house plants but I'm really trying to keep my new ones alive, including this:

I'm forcing a daffodil bulb. Supposedly, it will bloom in 3 - 4 weeks.

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