Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Nerdiness Within

Dear Miss Margie (why didn't I think to call you this before - it's just like Big Love... I'll be Nikki),

Your Koolhaas hat rocks my world. I am just in awe of that colorway... makes me think of the season(s) that Southern California is sorely lacking. And tell your "friend" there that it makes his head look very youthful.

Anyhoo, I finished my Monkey Socks! They are so gorgeous and comfy. I may wear them until I die. Or until bed. The pattern is so lovely to work with and they knit up super fast (at least for me). It could be that I am a hand spun/dyed sock yarn convert, which sounds expensive so that must be about right.

The socks, admiring some art:

We are travelling to San Luis Obispo this weekend and I'm hoping to stop at at LEAST a couple of yarn shops along the way to experience some fiber goodness. I started Staci's wedding shawl, but haven't even purchased the yarn for the bridesmaid shawls. I'm having trouble deciding if I want worsted or lace weight. Maybe Malabrigo lace? But I don't want it to be too light and fluffy. Sigh. My life is tough.

Also... yo, check it:

The expiration date on my yogurt is February 29th! Am I wrong to be excited by this? I think it's super cool - but then, I am probably a huge nerd. I am also currently flipping between "Father of the Bride" (1991 version) and "Parent Trap" (1998 version - oh Lindsay Lohan my heart weeps for how adorable you were) so if that makes me a nerd then darn it, I embrace the nerdiness within.

Think I'll go have some yogurt.

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Neal Tognazzini said...

Kjust kwanted kto ksay kthat kthis kis kmy kfavorite kblog kof kall ktime kand kI kread kit kevery kday! Keven kwhen kthere karen't kany knew kposts. Kkeep kup kthe kgood kwork kladies.

(P.S. All the 'k's are silent, of course. That's how much I love knitting!)