Sunday, February 3, 2008

First Post, part deux

We haven't really figured out how we're going to do this whole blogging thing yet. You'll note that Margaret wrote the first post, I am writing the second, etc. We kind of have Mason-Dixon thing going on... except that neither of us have kids, only one has a husband, and we live about an hour apart. With Southern California traffic that translates into about three... but still, kind of similar.

We chose our completely long and arbitrary name on a whim whilst at the Los Angeles Public Library awaiting the arrival of the Yarn Harlot. We got there approximately 4 hours early (nobody was around save for the security guard who eyed us suspiciously and then left when he saw that we were harmless knitters - ha!). I ran upstairs and grabbed an armful all the knitting books that caught my eye. One of them contained this little gem of a line and I jokingly told Margaret that "when we have a blog, that's totally what we're calling it" and voila. Aren't you happy to know that absolutely no time or thought went into the naming of this thing? You're very welcome.

I've been knitting since, oh, around 2004 when I took a knitting class through the local community college. It was a good way to learn since the class was small and I got plenty of individualized attention. I floundered around a bit before taking on the more intricate stuff - I went straight from hats/scarves to socks, thanks to Knitting Rules and its encouragement to make mistakes and see what happens. Clearly Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has had a strong influence on me.

Amazingly, Margaret and I are working on the same sock pattern at the same time. Whoa, that never happens. I'm using some gorgeous handspun I bought in Portland. So far I only have one finished... I did try to take photos outside, but it's raining (yay!) so they ended up looking like something out of a scary movie.

It's like artistic. Or something.

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