Sunday, March 30, 2008

High Fashion Beer Can Hat?

Dear Anna,

I'm so glad it's spring! St. Patrick's Day always signifies the beginning of the Spring/Summer months that I love. The only downside is that there is less opportunity to wear wooly knits. That's why I'm working like crazy on my Wicked. I want to finish so I can wear it once or twice before it gets too hot.

I've actually made real progress - I've been working on Wicked almost exclusively all month and I'm about 3/4 done.

I just finished the last decrease round for waist shaping and now just need to add a few inches of length before starting the increasing around my hips. My only concern right now is that the arm holes seem a little big - otherwise the sweater fits nicely.

With the beautiful weather outside I could resist and cast on for a pair of Jaywalkers in sunshine yellow:

St. Patrick's Day is an interesting holiday because it generally involves beer . . . and that can lead to some UNIQUE fashion choices . Ron and I were at a pub that Saturday and there were a few poeple wearing beer label crochet hats. Yes, I did just say "beer label crochet hats."

The quality of photos aren't so hot because I was trying to be incognito with the camera (not as easy as it may seem . . . .). I googled the pattern but couldn't find one but I did find this jewel of a photo! Behold:
Apparently there is a designer named Meghan Fabulous who incorporated the beer can crochet hat into her 2007 collection. I don't even have the words. . . just. . . woah.

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