Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Small Tragedy

Dear Margaret,

So basically, Lantern Moon rocks my socks.

While enjoying lovely Palm Springs this weekend (speaking of which, have you been up that aerial tram thing? It's pretty great) with my parents, one of my rosewood 7" size 1 dpns SNAPPED IN HALF whilst in my knitting bag. Fortunately I tend to be overprepared, so I had a 5" birch in my bag and could continue on my Thuja uninterrupted, but I was not happy. Those needles cost $24! That's like 5 bucks PER needle!! They should not snap or bend. They should carry on forever and I should be able to be cremated with them if I so choose.

Anyhoo, I emailed the company and they are sending me a new one, free, no questions asked. Hooray! Customer service!! And did you know that they are socially responsible and have a good environmental policy? I feel better about the expensiveness of their yarns now. I am okay with paying a little more if it means I'm saving the earth. And getting kickass needles. Hear that Lucy Activewear?? Why is a little hoodie $70? Am I supporting a woman's cooperative in Uganda or something else similarly worthwhile? Because if not, your prices are redonk.

But back to my LM story, since I know you're dying to know. Prior to getting smart and emailing the company, I got online in a furious rage and ordered the Knit Picks set of metal dpns. I'm assuming they cannot be broken, even when stuffed into a purse or sat upon (although that would hurt, so I won't test that theory). And you know how if you spend $50 it's free shipping? Yeah, they totally saw me coming. I ordered 8 skeins of this stuff ("asparagus") in order to make this. Why, why why?? I have no idea. I just decided that I NEED to make it. Like, soon. I also ordered a cool little pair of scissors. Again, why? It's just COOL.

Oh, and then I was still high on Knit Picks love, and ordered this freaking adorable little cupcake tape measure! I heart Etsy so much. I really want to buy every little home accessory I could ever think of from there, but fortunately my apartment is small so I can't fill it with too much crap.

On the knitting front, I'm working away on my Haven (artfully arranged on my patio furniture). I'll probably finish it in time for Summer. In Southern California. Sigh. Fortunately we'll be in Philadelphia for Christmas this year so The Professor can go to his interviews, but still. I'm making it in Rowan Cocoon, which is lovely and soft and wonderful, but rather sheddy. I've been knitting it on my lunch breaks and finally got the brill idea (check me out, I'm British) to put my pashmina (okay, just a scarf from Target) on my lap FIRST so I don't go back to the office with little white bits all over my black pants. For some reason the sheddy stuff doesn't stick to the polyester cheapness of the pashmina, so it's a win/win!

Your Wicked looks GORGEOUS, by the way. I love that heathered Cascade 220. And really, better arm holes too big than too small, am I right? I love the neckline too.

Oh and PS: how much does it suck that the Yarn Harlot is totally skipping CA on her tour? Look at the crowd! I shake my fist.

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