Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Dear M,

So last weekend was our Super Fun Girls Yarn Weekend At The Beach! Rose showed off her finished Central Park Hoodie, three hooligans chased us out of the hot tub at the Doubletree, you gave directions to the restaurant whilst inebriated, we ate cupcakes. Basically, a good time was had by all.

I also increased the stash. but I have plans for ALL of it I tell you! These are destined to become Koolhaas hats for the Professor and me (I sort of wished the colorways matched so we could be even more pathetically adorable, but alas it was not to be).

This is going to become Snicket Socks from the now defunct halls of Mag Knits. It's tough to find plain sock yarn that's not TOO plain, you know? This is a nice sort of tan/white blend.

What was this for, again? I'm such a sucker for the Debbie Bliss on sale. Maybe Sizzle or something similar... I'm sort of undecided at this point. I love the pink color though.

Haven is quietly blocking on my living room floor... I'm pretty sure it is HUGE. Oh well, seeing as how it's just going to get folded up and put in the closet until December I guess it doesn't much matter at this point. I have a lot of yarn leftover, so maybe I'll make a matching hat... something cute and beret-like, maybe. There are tons of such patterns on Ravelry, so I need to wade through them to see what will work best. Maybe something like Gretel... although really, how many cabled hats do I need to make? And why does everyone else look so cute in the berets but I just look like I'm trying way too hard? Blah. Ooh, maybe this Robin's Egg Blue Hat. Then I can buy a badass button to sew on. And since I only need ONE I could even get it from Wildfiber and be able to afford it. Woot!

Also, as it is Earth Day (well okay, it was yesterday, but let's just say it's Earth Week) I have a little factoid for you: did you know that the dude who started the whole thing went to my high school?? That's right, good ol' Camas High. Nice suit, right? He gets his own Wikipedia article so clearly he has made it in the world. Go Papermakers go!

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